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“A Fresh Look at Bipolar – Is it really incurable” Uploaded (Free Download)

As mentioned in the previous post I am releasing all my work for free. You will find a description and link to this book below. I will be working on my third edition of this book asap.

A Fresh Look at Bipolar – Is it really incurable (Second Edition)“.

New book A Fresh Look at Bipolar - Is it really incurable (Second Edition)

Description: Much of the mainstream understanding of Bipolar Disorder is that it is an incurable demon of the mind. Yet there are many facts that indicate this may not be true. There are also critical Psychiatrists within the industry who are against the way such disorders are understood and are being managed. In this small book, I highlight multiple important points against the narrative that Bipolar Disorder is incurable. I refer to such things like the fact it can’t be detected and I also go into the nature of pain and explain that this is what Bipolar Disorder essentially is. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder roughly 10 years ago and haven’t had an episode since about 2014. I attribute this to possibly being misdiagnosed. My unsatisfactory experience with the mental health system motivated me to research mental illness from alternative views and in my research I believe I have come across amazing insights some of which I share in this book. This book was written to create hope in people who feel broken and are looking for answers and help with initiative to come out of their mental prisons.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1. You can’t even Diagnose it Materially
  • Chapter 2. It is very Case Specific, not Singular
  • Chapter 3. Similarities between Bipolar and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Chapter 4. Its Essence is Unregulated Mood
  • Chapter 5. The Myth of the Biochemical Imbalance
  • Chapter 6. Good news! Bipolar is Pain doing its Job
  • Chapter 7. The Symptom Hierarchy of Control
  • Chapter 8. The Pain Class Abstraction (A Bird’s-eye view of Bipolar)
  • Chapter 9. Depression and Mania is just about Maintenance
  • Chapter 10. Credits and Debits
  • Chapter 11. Anger, the Brother of Mania. What can we Learn?
  • Chapter 12. Symptom Dual-dimensionalism
  • Chapter 13. The Human Essence Bodies and Dimensions of Well-Being
  • Chapter 14. A Call to expand the meaning of “Antidepressant”
  • Chapter 15. Why Safer Drugs aren’t Impossible
  • Chapter 16. The Motivation to Push the “Incurable” Narrative
  • Chapter 17. The Labels that Contradict “Bipolar Disorder”
  • Chapter 18. Cause and Cure in Practice. The Examples of Circadian Rhythms and Environmental Trauma
  • Chapter 19. Neurons and Neuroplasticity