Information Technology

App for Simplifying all Disorders

If you can remember a couple of posts back I mentioned the “Pain Class Abstraction I came up with that basically generalizes all Disorders into a single Pain class. I came up with that with a lot of thinking and I used concepts from computing science. The Pain Class Abstraction basically simplifies all Disorders into a general disorder. I was able to do this because many disorders share the same symptoms so I thought to myself why not make things more simple and connect what is common. By doing this I removed a lot of redundancy. You can find the post here.

Anyway, I am working on an app to apply the logic in that post and here is my first picture below. I think my theory was correct because I am indeed applying the simplified logic in a useful way.

As an assumed use case, the user would select “Response Method” and then select a symptom in the communicate drop down menu. When they click submit they would be provided with a list of all possible treatments even non-drug ones that are established in the scientific community.

Now many disorders share the same symptoms but because of my generalizing there is no need for listing multiple disorders with the same symptoms. As you can see instead I abstracted out the symptoms into a single “Communicate” attribute to remove the redundancy.

I hope this is of interest to anyone.