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Overlap Visualizer Tool Demonstration Online

As part of my mission to release a lot of free excellent stuff, a demonstration of the “Overlap Visualizer” tool is now online. This tool takes a maximum of two labels and displays a venn diagram with any overlapping or intersecting symptoms. For this demonstration, the labels have been pre-defined as Schizoaffective Disorder (Bipolar Type) and Schizophrenia. The final result of this tool is a newly created label called “Pain” which is produced by removing the labels, merging any duplicate symptoms and preserving the unique symptoms.

Images of the tool in action below:

Link: Overlap Visualizer

Note: There are display issues on smaller screens (sorry will fix asap!).

Label Eraser

Label Eraser’s Current Focus is the Symptom Layer

Currently, Label Eraser focuses on the symptom layer of an ailment only. Label Eraser uses the “Pain Base Class Abstraction” as part of its engine. This class gives a powerful birds-eye view of psychiatric disorders and has other attributes besides symptoms. Symptoms are found in the “communicate” behavior of the class.

The Pain Base Class Abstraction
Label Eraser

Label Normalizer Renamed to “Label Eraser”

I have decided to give the “Label Normalizer” app a new name which is “Label Eraser”. I thought this was necessary as I feel the word Normalizer sounded a bit confusing. Normalization is more the scientific and technical terminology underlying the Label Eraser app and how it achieves its ability to “erase” psychiatric labels. So I thought I would use a simpler and obvious word to give an immediate impression and understanding as to what the app is all about (removing psychiatric labels).

If anyone is interested in the science behind label normalization (how psychiatric labels can be erased using information technology and relational database science), please stay tuned for blog updates on the release of my book “Label Eraser”.

Label Eraser News

Label Normalization Update: 167 disorders added

I have added 167 disorders to the label normalization engine database and I am changing the input method to accommodate that many disorders for processing. You can see the new input method below. An auto complete text input box. I still however have to add the symptoms. Stay tuned for further updates.

This update is not live yet but you can access the current version by clicking here.