OCD Social Anxiety

The link between some Anxiety Disorders and Body building science

Social anxiety is like a body that has lost its beauty. Because recovery from both conditions follow similar processes. For example, a well-established principle of recovery with regards to some anxiety conditions is Exposure Therapy. This includes OCD and Social Anxiety. Similarly, when someone wants to strengthen their muscles the principle of “Progressive Overload” applies to them. That is, they have to increase the demands they put on their muscles so they can grow bigger and stronger.

In OCD and Social Anxiety, when a sufferer exposes themselves to the feared thing, they are following the process of “Exposure Therapy”. The result is that they are growing stronger and losing their fears regarding harmless situations.
With an unhealthy body, when someone starts lifting weights the process of “Progressive Overload” occurs allowing them to carry more weight. The result is that the smaller weights aren’t a challenge anymore (see the connection with Social Anxiety and OCD?)

In both processes they are facing a stress in order to get stronger. Or they are going into pain for the reward of pleasure. With Social Anxiety the reward obviously is Social Confidence. And with the trainer the reward is obviously stronger healthier muscles etc.

The reason I wrote this post is for anyone interested in seeing how our mind and bodies are connected. Some conditions of the mind can be considered a form of Atrophy.