Why is Schizophrenia Considered Incurable?

I posted this on another online space in response to a question and thought I would relay it here in cases others benefit.

Question: Why is Schizophrenia Considered Incurable?

They simply consider it degenerative meaning the brain slowly degenerates (becomes atrophied) and that the symptoms can’t be eliminated or brought under an acceptable amount of control. They consider it a lost unresolvable problem which still doesn’t have an identifiable cause. They consider the patient’s brain permanently diseased.

They consider it an irreversible physical disease despite not being able to identify the “physical” cause (which is why no psychiatrist on the planet will offer you a test for your “diagnosis”).

No doubt neuroinflammation can cause at least some of its symptoms but physical causes have been known for a long time (brain tumors can cause symptoms). I don’t think Psychiatry’s focus or scope is on issues such as tumors, brain damage, inflammation etc.

It’s important to mention which symptom you are referring to when asking this question because the reality is that a psychiatric diagnosis is actually a composition of symptoms. The names of ailments have been changing throughout history including within the DSM but the symptoms have been around before psychiatry was born and for thousands of years.

Delusions (a part of the composition of schizophrenia) in my opinion are curable. I believe this due to personal experience. I have been delusional and came out of it permanently. I just simply needed time and education until I distanced myself from the false belief (I needed a lot of time). Time and education I have not experienced in a public hospital setting. They practice a rushed profit oriented chemical approach deprived of quality.

To them hallucinations are incurable because they view seeing/hearing things that other’s cant as an abnormality when in fact it is natural and occurs during your sleep. Bad dreams are no different to hallucinations. They come from the same type of entity. They consider such perceptions during wakefulness as disease/madness/becoming out of touch with reality. Rather it is natural just unfortunate and unhealthy. However such perceptions can contribute to becoming out of touch with reality when the host fuses with them. It’s the same reason OCD sufferers appear to be out of touch with reality when they fuse with obsessions/compulsions.

These perceptions can be described with the same description of a negative thought. Both negative thoughts and hallucinations are negative toxic perceptions and not physical diseases. So psychiatry views such a state as incurable and odd but this is because of the atheistic underpinning and foundations of modern psychiatry regarding such perceptions. Identifying someone as diseased for having hallucinations is like identifying someone as diseased for having bad thoughts or dreams. So it’s incurable to western psychiatry because they view/understand the whole thing wrongly.

Information Technology Schizophrenia

Psychiatric Label Normalization (experimental label loss)

Hi All,

I mentioned earlier today that I have started working on the Label Normalization engine again as I have some free time right now. Regarding this you can view the below YouTube link for a video demonstration of label normalization in action:

The Label Normalization engine (experimental patient label loss using information technology)

The description from the video is as follows:

In this video you will see a project I am working on demonstrating a concept I developed called “Label Normalization”. Label Normalization is in its early stages and my hope is to evolve it over time. The end goal is to achieve complete label loss (patients no longer have to deal with psychiatric labels) and I also hope to generally bring more innovation into the domain of Psychiatry.

In this video, a mock case of a patient being diagnosed with multiple labels has all their labels removed and the duplicate and redundant symptoms are cut out also (this is a mock case so I don’t think normally a patient will be diagnosed with multiple schizophrenic spectrum ailments). The end result is the removal of 26 symptoms (termed by me as disturbances) and 6 labels. The remaining essence of the patient case remains offering a simpler problem to target and solve.

I have developed a new science called “Psychiatric Computing” and this video is based on this science. Psychiatric Computing is the utilization of concepts and technologies found within computer science and information technology such as object oriented programming, UML and Structured Query Language. My goal with Psychiatric Computing is to move the field of Psychiatry forward using creative thinking and technological innovation.

I understand that there is a lot more to consider when processing psychiatric labels such as the concept of duration/time with the content of a disorder. However this is a developing project that I will be working on and perfecting with time.

Opinions Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia Treatment: Some personal reflections

I just thought I’d share some information I have noticed over the years that I hope helps people experiencing Schizophrenia. I would appreciate any feedback on this post.

Whenever things in life get complicated generally, it always helps to simplify. If you look at history, when problems were overwhelming and persistent, it was an intelligent idea to rethink the situation and change the current approach. There is a quote I like: “Want better answers? Ask bigger questions.”

When you ask bigger questions and feed your curiosity you become like an explorer going into unknown territory. But that may be exactly what’s needed even though it tests the inner self or the way things are. A healthy change in our understanding of a paralyzing problem may actually be the start of the solution. Picture a hamster on a hamster wheel running in circular madness but not achieving anything. Until it shifts it’s consciousness it’s like staying in a prison. Being in the same situation for too long can get toxic.

Human beings are creatures of movement. I mean that generally. If we don’t brush our teeth, we get tooth decay. Not exercising can cause our muscles to atrophy. If you are dehydrated, you need to get water. Each of these cases have an element of movement or a form a movement I can say. Taking us out of a state of disturbance into nourishment.

Movement is an incredibly deep principle of health. I can’t think of an example where it doesn’t apply. But the basic general idea in regard to health is that you want to distance yourself from negativity.

The reason I said all the above is to highlight how simplification is a natural response to complication and in the case of schizophrenia it can help incredibly. The way this ailment is looked at needs a good new refreshing outlook.

I have stated in another post that it is very, very common for symptoms of schizophrenia namely audible and visual hallucinations to manifest in the human senses when the sufferer is simply in a weakened state. Regardless of whether they have schizophrenia or not. The fact that these symptoms occur not only in schizophrenia should be an eye opener for the observant eye. Another eye opener should be the fact that people do report of it’s intermittent nature. In my opinion then, this ailment does not hold true power over the sufferer. It should be a motivation of hope.

By simplifying then, and in my own experience I suggest the following:


In whatever form it may be. Whether it be dietary, social connection, sleep hygiene, clearing out the impact of negative caloric energy through fasting, making sure adequate blood flow goes to the brain and I’m sure you can name millions more. Is there proof that positive decisions offer relief either symptomatic, permanent or as part of maintaining this condition to not overwhelm someone? Yes!

People can have hallucinations through sleep deprivation so whats the natural remedy? Sleep hygiene.

People can have hallucinations through isolation so whats the natural remedy? having a healthy social life.

People can have hallucinations through neurosyphilis so what’s the natural remedy? Prevention. (It results from an STI)

People with dementia can have hallucinations and guess what? they get better by responding through social connection and stimulating their brains (neuroplastic movement and social movement)


This brings me to what I believe is be the reality of this condition. That there is a classification crisis which is over-complicated and bringing sufferers further away from being free from this condition. Things need to be simplified and each patient case needs to be looked at with a very careful, loving eye. You cannot rush with patients, they are human beings.

Hallucinations can manifest to anyone. I think we are all predisposed to it. The way it is activated can vary though.

If I want to keep things really simple i’ll just say, be healthy. Love yourself and prevent things that cause this condition. Respond to it through positive movement in whatever form it may be.

Who knows, maybe the cure to schizophrenia is staring everyone in the face but behind a veil of complication and noise. You need to look at each persons case. But that requires time. Patients know themselves best. In business, the customer comes first and they are valued as if the customers concerns are those of the business owners personally. Although the patients aren’t customers, it’s still something to think about.

Remember problem solving is multi dimensional. If you treat patients in an isolative way it can be counterintuitive. Treat someone as a whole, holistically. The human essence is a complex creature with interdependent systems.

Simplify, simplify simplify.