Overlap Visualizer Tool now Online

The Overlap Visualizer tool is now online and fully functional. The only exception to being fully functional is that I still have to add more psychiatric disorders.

Click here to visit the tool.

My intention for developing this tool was to make it easy to see redundancy in labels that share symptoms. I want this tool to develop and be useful for patients, practitioners, researchers and anyone else who has an interest. I hope this tool develops to become something patients can rely on to understand the labels they have been given and to simplify them. I envisage this tool to be useful in allowing patients to lose association to unnecessary diagnostic complexity and in doing so, support their recovery efforts.

The tool can now accept up to three disorders. There are some display issues I noticed on smaller devices and I will fix those in time. If you notice anything else please contact me so I can fix it. Thanks!

This is a free tool. See the below screenshots for a glimpse:

Information Technology Label Eraser News

Overlap Visualizer Tool Demonstration Online

As part of my mission to release a lot of free excellent stuff, a demonstration of the “Overlap Visualizer” tool is now online. This tool takes a maximum of two labels and displays a venn diagram with any overlapping or intersecting symptoms. For this demonstration, the labels have been pre-defined as Schizoaffective Disorder (Bipolar Type) and Schizophrenia. The final result of this tool is a newly created label called “Pain” which is produced by removing the labels, merging any duplicate symptoms and preserving the unique symptoms.

Images of the tool in action below:

Link: Overlap Visualizer

Note: There are display issues on smaller screens (sorry will fix asap!).

News Site

Major reconstruction and maintenance complete

Both Label Explorer and its sister site Abbas Books have been under major reconstruction and maintenance. Label Explorer is done but Abbas Books has a bit to go. All posts from Abbas Books have been migrated to this site.

Abbas Books is no longer a blog on Psychiatry but rather a host for my product sales (books and apps). The books and apps are products on psychiatry but what I mean is that Abbas Books will be used for the business side of my efforts whilst this site Label Explorer is more to do with innovation in psychiatry, the blog on psychiatry, technology, apps and more. Label Explorer is the expression and fruits of my work whilst Abbas Books will manage the sales. The sites will work together though.

This reorganization/separation is more logical and allows the services I offer to be more efficient.


Label Explorer now Live!

Welcome to the new home of Label Explorer. I hope you enjoy this site and all the future planned updates and aspirations we have for this endeavor.

The Label Eraser app (formerly Label Normalizer) is now also live. For anyone who didn’t know, the blog on Label Explorer and the web app itself has been migrated to this domain from its original domain (

We will be redesigning the blog to match the rest of the official theme of label explorer but we just needed something quick and functional for now.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.


Major Update to Label Normalization App now Live

After an exhausting process, I have completed a major update to the Label Normalization Engine and it is now live. There are now 167 searchable disorders but not all of them have symptoms attached so there is blank data being returned in some searches. Please note there is still a lot of work to do (work in progress). If you would like to support the development of this free app and other work, please Donate here. Thank you.

See pictures and link below:

Auto complete label search input
6 labels added for processing
Results (6 labels and 19 symptoms removed)

Visit Label Normalizer.


Books for Sale to go on

Contrary to what I indicated in my earlier post on giving everything away, I am going to offer some books and possibly other products for sale in case giving it all away changes the legal status of the organization and other related results. Establishing Abbas Books to what it currently is today has taken a lot of effort and time and I don’t have the time to start from scratch to set it all up according to a new nature.

Regardless, this does not change my goal of giving nearly everything away. This is just to meet possible government requirements and etc.


Donations Form is up

Hi Everyone,

I am now accepting donations. Please click the link below to donate.


Donations are really appreciated as they help me allocate more time and resources where necessary to develop this work. I am able to delegate work instead of doing it all myself as well. I really dream of getting Label Explorer fully developed and as I am now moving into a new interest, I have limited resources and time for getting this work out there. I also want to get all my knowledge out as soon as possible and your support really helps. I have already released my book of research into Bipolar curability in the previous post.

These donations are for you as I am releasing all my work for free. In other words, donations simply support me to give you everything I know and can develop. They also help me discover my potential and then reflect this growth back to my supporters. As mentioned previously, my ultimate goal with my interest in psychiatry is to move it to a new direction which I call, “the science of cures“. I am very interested in the big stuff, the challenge that modern psychiatry is struggling with and failing to resolve (cures and more effective treatments).

The following is currently being worked on and your donations really help:

  • Label Normalization (Psychiatric Computing Series) (Book)
  • Pain and its Remedy – The Underlying Expression of Major Psychiatric Disorders (Book)
  • Order to the Disorder (Book)
  • A Fresh Look at Bipolar – Is it really incurable (Third Edition) (Book)
  • Label Explorer (Web Application)

Thank you for your support!

Bipolar Disorder News

“A Fresh Look at Bipolar – Is it really incurable” Uploaded (Free Download)

As mentioned in the previous post I am releasing all my work for free. You will find a description and link to this book below. I will be working on my third edition of this book asap.

A Fresh Look at Bipolar – Is it really incurable (Second Edition)“.

New book A Fresh Look at Bipolar - Is it really incurable (Second Edition)

Description: Much of the mainstream understanding of Bipolar Disorder is that it is an incurable demon of the mind. Yet there are many facts that indicate this may not be true. There are also critical Psychiatrists within the industry who are against the way such disorders are understood and are being managed. In this small book, I highlight multiple important points against the narrative that Bipolar Disorder is incurable. I refer to such things like the fact it can’t be detected and I also go into the nature of pain and explain that this is what Bipolar Disorder essentially is. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder roughly 10 years ago and haven’t had an episode since about 2014. I attribute this to possibly being misdiagnosed. My unsatisfactory experience with the mental health system motivated me to research mental illness from alternative views and in my research I believe I have come across amazing insights some of which I share in this book. This book was written to create hope in people who feel broken and are looking for answers and help with initiative to come out of their mental prisons.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1. You can’t even Diagnose it Materially
  • Chapter 2. It is very Case Specific, not Singular
  • Chapter 3. Similarities between Bipolar and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Chapter 4. Its Essence is Unregulated Mood
  • Chapter 5. The Myth of the Biochemical Imbalance
  • Chapter 6. Good news! Bipolar is Pain doing its Job
  • Chapter 7. The Symptom Hierarchy of Control
  • Chapter 8. The Pain Class Abstraction (A Bird’s-eye view of Bipolar)
  • Chapter 9. Depression and Mania is just about Maintenance
  • Chapter 10. Credits and Debits
  • Chapter 11. Anger, the Brother of Mania. What can we Learn?
  • Chapter 12. Symptom Dual-dimensionalism
  • Chapter 13. The Human Essence Bodies and Dimensions of Well-Being
  • Chapter 14. A Call to expand the meaning of “Antidepressant”
  • Chapter 15. Why Safer Drugs aren’t Impossible
  • Chapter 16. The Motivation to Push the “Incurable” Narrative
  • Chapter 17. The Labels that Contradict “Bipolar Disorder”
  • Chapter 18. Cause and Cure in Practice. The Examples of Circadian Rhythms and Environmental Trauma
  • Chapter 19. Neurons and Neuroplasticity



Major Update and News

I have decided to release all my material for free along with any future material and work I produce on Psychiatry. I however will be setting up a donation method to support the release of my work and major project work where applicable. Donations are not a necessity as I will continue to release all my knowledge but the only benefit is that it allows me to spend more time on this work when necessary and/or delegate work under my supervision. That will allow the release of more material and more psychiatric computing web application functions and it’s all for you. I am concerned about the situation in psychiatry not only the state of the industry and how it operates but for the patients and the mental illness epidemic.

The goal of my work is ultimately to move psychiatry towards the big stuff, something I call “the science of cures“. I will update the blog when the donation method is up but have already started releasing the work/knowledge I have. I will shortly be releasing my book “A Fresh Look at Bipolar – Is it really incurable (Second Edition)” for online download in pdf format. I also intend on releasing a third edition of that book but I still have to complete it.

Personally I am moving in a new direction and interest but will still continue to release novel material on Psychiatry as time and resources permit. Abbas Books and Label Explorer will still continue to be an active web presence I am not winding this up. I’m simply trying to strike a balance and make an adjustment where I can give something else some more importance now and at the same time manage the release of my knowledge as much as possible and as much as I feel appropriate. I am distancing myself from Psychiatry now but not totally.

Stay tuned.


Two New Books in Progress

Hi All,

Just an update. Two new books are in the process of being written which are as follows:

  • Label Normalization (Psychiatric Computing Series)
  • Pain and its Remedy – The Underlying Expression of Major Psychiatric Disorders

Please keep an eye on Blog news updates for progress on their production and release.