Donations accepted from Australia only for now

The major maintenance work for Abbas Books unlike Label Explorer is not yet complete. Abbas Books is hosting the donations form/method and will only accept donations from Australia (I am unsure if that will change in the future).

At the moment however, since Abbas Books is undergoing work, the donation form is unavailable.

News Site

Major reconstruction and maintenance complete

Both Label Explorer and its sister site Abbas Books have been under major reconstruction and maintenance. Label Explorer is done but Abbas Books has a bit to go. All posts from Abbas Books have been migrated to this site.

Abbas Books is no longer a blog on Psychiatry but rather a host for my product sales (books and apps). The books and apps are products on psychiatry but what I mean is that Abbas Books will be used for the business side of my efforts whilst this site Label Explorer is more to do with innovation in psychiatry, the blog on psychiatry, technology, apps and more. Label Explorer is the expression and fruits of my work whilst Abbas Books will manage the sales. The sites will work together though.

This reorganization/separation is more logical and allows the services I offer to be more efficient.