Depression and the dimension of time

Time is a very powerful and huge concept. It’s something to appreciate and be grateful for too. It’s something to take advantage of and not abuse. But time also has huge benefits in regard to mental health, how so?

People who are depressed, financially anxious or for whatever reasons can run around for years and dwell in their problems and thoughts. But take a look at the world. Look at a huge stable, robust building operating an established business running like a well oiled machine.

Buildings and stable businesses have a lot of time in it. Time was taken to build it. Time was taken to learn the necessary knowledge to establish the business. Time, sweat, tears and whatever. Year by year the place is running well and people come every day for work or whatever. The place even shelters them from storms.

So how does this relate to painful thoughts/emotions/depression? No body likes to feel them…

Well, If my neighbor gave me a gift of some nice food last week, and I’ve been running around today looking for food, I’m hungry and I’ve got thousands of thoughts running through my head what would the smart thing to do be?

Answer: GO TO WHAT IS ESTABLISHED. Time and effort was taken to give me that gift. If I am grateful I will be nourished by that gift and my painful thoughts and emotions stop immediately. I didn’t need to look elsewhere as what I needed was with me.

Gratitude is a big word. When we are grateful, burdens drop from our chests. The more you go to what is established, the quicker you come out of pain. Sometimes we get in our own way though and become our own enemies.