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Hi Everyone,

I am now accepting donations. Please click the link below to donate.


Donations are really appreciated as they help me allocate more time and resources where necessary to develop this work. I am able to delegate work instead of doing it all myself as well. I really dream of getting Label Explorer fully developed and as I am now moving into a new interest, I have limited resources and time for getting this work out there. I also want to get all my knowledge out as soon as possible and your support really helps. I have already released my book of research into Bipolar curability in the previous post.

These donations are for you as I am releasing all my work for free. In other words, donations simply support me to give you everything I know and can develop. They also help me discover my potential and then reflect this growth back to my supporters. As mentioned previously, my ultimate goal with my interest in psychiatry is to move it to a new direction which I call, “the science of cures“. I am very interested in the big stuff, the challenge that modern psychiatry is struggling with and failing to resolve (cures and more effective treatments).

The following is currently being worked on and your donations really help:

  • Label Normalization (Psychiatric Computing Series) (Book)
  • Pain and its Remedy – The Underlying Expression of Major Psychiatric Disorders (Book)
  • Order to the Disorder (Book)
  • A Fresh Look at Bipolar – Is it really incurable (Third Edition) (Book)
  • Label Explorer (Web Application)

Thank you for your support!