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Language, suffering and Mental Health

Being lost in life is like being in a maze. Whether the maze is in your head, or physically at a large shopping mall or airport. I remember when I used to work in a help-desk the trainer told us general principles in how to deal with customer issues. One of the principles I still remember to this day was the acronym KISS (keep it simple stupid).

What does this have to do with Mental Health?

Amazingly if you study the science behind body building you will see it mirrors some Mental Health Disorders very well. What happens if you don’t use your muscles? They atrophy (of body tissue or an organ, waste away from under-use/neglect).

In other words, use it or lose it.

What do they recommend for OCD? (Exposure therapy). Expose yourself to the feared thing, healthy stress occurs like carrying a weight, and you grow to learn not to be so obsessive and stuck in a loop.

What do they recommend for Social Anxiety? (Exposure therapy). Expose yourself to the feared thing, healthy stress occurs like carrying a weight, and you grow to learn not to be so fearful about your social situations.

I could go on with many Disorders.

I’m not surprised that I’ve read you need to “rewire the brain” to come out of chronic mental disorders. I’m also not surprised that the brain is “neuroplastic” and you have the power to change it which is basically what happens whenever you habituate and learn something new.

What happens if you are schizophrenic and you hear voices or see stuff and are fearful of them? you get paralyzed by them and they ruin your life. Well what happens when you take a calm approach and not be so scared about what you see/hear? Eventually you habituate to it….maybe your neurons/brain changes as well in a positive way.

Habituation is a big principle for human health. And amazingly in body building your muscles eventually habituate. That’s why you have to “surprise” them with a new stress for them to grow or you hit plateaus (little or no change).

When someone with a mental health issue is not changing (just like muscle growth having no change), they aren’t getting the right nourishment. The same thing happens in body building, that’s why those guys may change their diet up a bit. Or they may change their frequency of lifting. If the muscles aren’t growing then something needs changing. No progress is no good! In the case of a mental health issue, the person may need to nourish themselves by processing a persistent delusion through an alternative view from the doctor down the road. Or they may need to read a book. I know someone who came out of a delusion after years.

Is there a simple way of saying the above? yes…

Before I say it, first consider the fact that some schizophrenics deteriorate into dementia (brain atrophy). Did we just hear a word from the body building world?

MOVE, and give your brain a workout. If you get stuck, change your nourishment.