Major Update and News

I have decided to release all my material for free along with any future material and work I produce on Psychiatry. I however will be setting up a donation method to support the release of my work and major project work where applicable. Donations are not a necessity as I will continue to release all my knowledge but the only benefit is that it allows me to spend more time on this work when necessary and/or delegate work under my supervision. That will allow the release of more material and more psychiatric computing web application functions and it’s all for you. I am concerned about the situation in psychiatry not only the state of the industry and how it operates but for the patients and the mental illness epidemic.

The goal of my work is ultimately to move psychiatry towards the big stuff, something I call “the science of cures“. I will update the blog when the donation method is up but have already started releasing the work/knowledge I have. I will shortly be releasing my book “A Fresh Look at Bipolar – Is it really incurable (Second Edition)” for online download in pdf format. I also intend on releasing a third edition of that book but I still have to complete it.

Personally I am moving in a new direction and interest but will still continue to release novel material on Psychiatry as time and resources permit. Abbas Books and Label Explorer will still continue to be an active web presence I am not winding this up. I’m simply trying to strike a balance and make an adjustment where I can give something else some more importance now and at the same time manage the release of my knowledge as much as possible and as much as I feel appropriate. I am distancing myself from Psychiatry now but not totally.

Stay tuned.