Overlap Visualizer Tool now Online

The Overlap Visualizer tool is now online and fully functional. The only exception to being fully functional is that I still have to add more psychiatric disorders.

Click here to visit the tool.

My intention for developing this tool was to make it easy to see redundancy in labels that share symptoms. I want this tool to develop and be useful for patients, practitioners, researchers and anyone else who has an interest. I hope this tool develops to become something patients can rely on to understand the labels they have been given and to simplify them. I envisage this tool to be useful in allowing patients to lose association to unnecessary diagnostic complexity and in doing so, support their recovery efforts.

The tool can now accept up to three disorders. There are some display issues I noticed on smaller devices and I will fix those in time. If you notice anything else please contact me so I can fix it. Thanks!

This is a free tool. See the below screenshots for a glimpse: