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Psychiatric Label Normalization (experimental label loss)

Hi All,

I mentioned earlier today that I have started working on the Label Normalization engine again as I have some free time right now. Regarding this you can view the below YouTube link for a video demonstration of label normalization in action:

The Label Normalization engine (experimental patient label loss using information technology)

The description from the video is as follows:

In this video you will see a project I am working on demonstrating a concept I developed called “Label Normalization”. Label Normalization is in its early stages and my hope is to evolve it over time. The end goal is to achieve complete label loss (patients no longer have to deal with psychiatric labels) and I also hope to generally bring more innovation into the domain of Psychiatry.

In this video, a mock case of a patient being diagnosed with multiple labels has all their labels removed and the duplicate and redundant symptoms are cut out also (this is a mock case so I don’t think normally a patient will be diagnosed with multiple schizophrenic spectrum ailments). The end result is the removal of 26 symptoms (termed by me as disturbances) and 6 labels. The remaining essence of the patient case remains offering a simpler problem to target and solve.

I have developed a new science called “Psychiatric Computing” and this video is based on this science. Psychiatric Computing is the utilization of concepts and technologies found within computer science and information technology such as object oriented programming, UML and Structured Query Language. My goal with Psychiatric Computing is to move the field of Psychiatry forward using creative thinking and technological innovation.

I understand that there is a lot more to consider when processing psychiatric labels such as the concept of duration/time with the content of a disorder. However this is a developing project that I will be working on and perfecting with time.