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Reading is an Underrated Form of Therapy

Just my personal experience. Many thoughts can be generated from what happens to you in life. Your worries, your problems, your questions in life. These thoughts radiate to your emotional domain and cause feelings of depression as the mind and emotions are connected or attached. This is why a lot of people find some peace in simply being away from their minds. Not in the sense that one runs away from reality like an ostrich digging their head in the ground in the face of danger or a threat. One definitely must process their problems, or accept what they can’t control.

One particular activity that takes me away from my mind is simply reading. Particularly something that I am very interested in. You should continue to surprise your mind with new books and new perspectives and topics. As this is novelty which our brains crave and which makes us feel good.

Reading requires one to engage with the book and use hand-eye coordination and it forces one to concentrate. It is not as passive as other forms of engagement as it involves some challenge. But it is not so challenging that it is burdensome. A book can be picked up anywhere and you can start wherever comfortable. It is a light, slightly challenging form of “therapy”.

To concentrate and read you have to be away from your thoughts. Absence of thoughts induces a positive, pleasant emotional experience. With time a person can get immersed in the book and really get in a healthy positive flow and experience. You become present as you focus on the words and the story being told.

Personally, reading for me is an, “anti-depressant”. I hope that helps others.