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Simplifying Psychiatry with an example

If you notice voices are especially powerful at picking on your weaknesses. They take advantage of you when you become weak. That’s why it is incredibly common cannabis users get schizophrenia. Why? because they damage themselves. People who take drugs start hallucinating and hearing voices and become permanently schizophrenic.

Ask the nurses who work in your local hospital. Ask them if people who have dementia have hallucinations. They will say yes. Guess what then? according to Psychiatry that’s a separate disease. Modern psychiatry is contradictory. Why would someone with dementia suddenly have “schizophrenia” as well?. In addition to this, people with dementia sometimes have their voices and hallucinations disappear when they develop a social life. If that happened to a schizophrenic, that would be likened to a cure as long as the symptoms didn’t return.

If you generalize both the drug abuser and the dementia sufferer into one base category, they are both associated with a single category of “Weakened state”. Amazingly, both these people have had some damage or trauma too!

I’d like to make you aware of something. Psychiatry has become over-complicated. I have studied voices and many other psychiatric disturbances for a while now and I can tell you one thing I am certain of. Ask someone who has obsessive compulsive disorder. Now ask someone with hallucinations about their symptoms. You will notice they both have the same thing! but the symptoms are manifesting in a different sensory system. OCD is “mental”, hallucinations are “non-physical-auditory/visual”.

Let me explain further how it’s the same thing. Yes they are experienced differently. But from an abstract perspective, OCD and hallucinations follow the same pattern/cycle demonstrated below.

  1. Awareness of negative non-physical perception (in OCD this would be the obsession, in schizophrenia this would be the auditory/visual hallucination)
  2. Emotional disturbance (Both OCD and hallucinations arouse emotional disturbance in the patient after they become aware of their symptom)

There is a little obvious difference though with OCD. OCD is a bit specific in the sense that it urges compulsive behavior. It is probably because of a characteristic of that type of person. They are a bit of a perfectionist or obsessive and that’s what’s being taken advantage of.