What can I do to Climb out of Depression?

I wrote this on another forum and thought it would be beneficial for my readers who may be suffering from depression. See below post:

I have been there and back out and I will tell you what I have learnt. First of all, I want you to know that depression is actually a form of pain, a natural response and a healthy signal that something is wrong and a response is needed. This is totally normal and is part of our design. Good news your body is functioning well and doing its job.

Animals in the animal kingdom use other forms of pain like depression to push them back into safety/peace. That’s why they run from lions. The whole purpose of these emotions (fear, depression etc) is to push you back up on your feet. It’s the same reason people reach out. It’s a sign of life and aliveness.

One of the most important things I will tell you and I am saying this from experience and am happy to challenge anyone on this. Psychiatric drugs can CAUSE depression. It’s in their own literature. SSRI antidepressants contribute to suicidal behavior which is why there is warnings. Check the FDA US government warning below:

The same thing is the case with depot injection anti-psychotics. So, I do not believe that these drugs are that reliable. I see it all the time, people on anti-depressants complaining they are depressed. Things need to change.

I won’t bore you with the drug stuff but my strong advice is to be aware of their poor design and effectiveness.

So then what do you do? Well, understand that pain (depression) is a communication system that has been around for hundreds of thousands of years and is the most useful thing to experience to come out of depression. It is a communication system that needs to be listened to to help you grow and climb that mountain slowly and at your own pace. When someone is depressed they are sensitive, fragile and need love, care and attention.

Depression revolves around irritants. If you have a job loss and it’s affecting you, that’s your irritant which is producing that low emotional signal. If you lost a recent loved one you will feel the same signal. These irritants and the emotional signal it produces are part of a beautiful design by Allah to help push the depressed person to seek out answers, to be their best, to be patient, to learn, to overcome, to reach out and most of all, to seek refuge in him.

Pain makes you grow. Muscles learn, grow and beautify by experiencing micro-injury (pain).

So my advice to you and I’m saying this based on experience as someone who has come out of deep depression multiple times, is to go on that journey to learn about yourself, your body and in your heart, what exactly are the irritants that are causing the production of that low emotional signal (depression). Then find and learn ways to respond accordingly to improve your spirits and become a healthier happier you.

And one more important point, stay away from street drugs. Cannabis, nicotine and psilocybin (mushrooms) are not going to change anything. All they do is activate your pleasure neurotransmitters and get you high but they do not transform you. They don’t solve your problems. It will only make you rely on an emotional crutch and that won’t achieve anything. If you feel a bit down and need a bit of a boost in your mood and need something biochemical have a tea or have coffee which is a bit stronger because they work with dopamine one of your pleasure neurotransmitters. But stay away from those street drugs and I would suggest caution with psychiatric drugs because they cause brain damage amongst so many other problems. Just make sure your body can handle tea/coffee (caffeine) though.

SSRI anti-depressants just try to manipulate your pleasure neurotransmitter serotonin and they do it so poorly and dangerously. There are so many healthy, natural ways to manipulate these pleasure transmitters which is why I suggest educating yourself about these chemicals and how/when the brain produces them. When someone is loved, challenged, active, social etc their brain chemistry reaches an optimum and ideal healthy state. When someone experiences a lot of novelty in their life their brain continually gets flushed with dopamine (pleasure chemical) and all this happens without drugs.

So don’t think you are in a bottomless pit. Just get the right help and do research and my strong advice to you is to stay away from drugs especially street ones because they cause brain damage, psychosis and all sorts of other problems.

We in this modern age are being taught that pain is bad. If you need money, the pain of having to earn it is bad, it’s better just to borrow money on interest. Trust me that only makes life worse. We are being taught to insure everything because pain is bad. If you lose something it’s bad to experience it and that’s painful so you are told to insure it. This same attitude has passed onto the common human experience and we are now offered drugs for a lot of normality.

Depression is not always a disease and in my opinion depression is only a disease when things like neuroinflammation are behind it. So actually pain can be very good and is perfectly natural when dealing with depression. It’s not something that should be silenced but it should rather be used and benefited from.